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Key Projects

Norstar Petroleum Inc. currently operates over 80 oil and gas wells in Kansas and Nebraska. We also hold non-operated interests in Kansas and Oklahoma. We welcome independent geologists and producers to contact us regarding business opportunities, as we seek a balance between operated and non-operated properties, as well as a balance between oil and gas. 

Nebraska Panhandle

Norstar’s most recent project is located in the panhandle of Nebraska. Norstar has entered into an agreement to explore and develop prospects generated by a third-party geologist familiar with the area. Norstar is actively leasing and marketing its prospects to investors and uses 3D seismic to assess drilling opportunities. This is an oil prone area with a large reserve potential.

Trego County Waterflood, Northwest Kansas

In 2014, Norstar was invited to bid for operations of a field located in Trego County, Kansas. The company was successful and, as a result, acquired a 12% working interest in 14 Cherokee wells in need of a waterflood study. Following a reservoir engineering analysis, a flood was implemented in 2016. As a response to select workovers and water injection, production has more than tripled. In 2018, Norstar acquired a similar interest in 18 wells immediately adjacent to its current flood, and with similar strategy, has multiplied production 7 times over.

Thomas County, Northwest Kansas

Norstar leased about 20,000 acres in Thomas County and continues to explore further ideas in the area.  The company utilized 3D seismic to drill 23 wells since 2011, with better than a 60% success ratio.  Norstar owns around 20% to 30% of the working interest in these oil wells.

Forest City Basin, Northeastern Kansas

Norstar has undertaken a new exploration project in Lyon and Wabaunsee Counties, targeting oil production in the Hunton, Viola, and Simpson reservoirs.  Norstar has acquired three 3D seismic surveys and is currently in the first phase of drilling and development.

Cherokee Sandstone Exploration, Central Kansas

Norstar operates about 9 Cherokee sandstone wells in Ness and Hodgeman Counties. Combined, Norstar owns around 10% to 30% working interest in these wells, and benefits from its own salt water disposal facilities.

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